The Purpose

Mission: To promote thought about God, people, and ourselves that leads to personal exploration, discovery, and change.

Inspiration: When we have faith, hope, and love as found in 1 Corinthians 13:13, we have direction in our lives. We believe in things, we strive for things, and we experience joy and life along the way. Many of us have lost that sense of direction in some way and at some point, we have all needed to be redirected back to life.

I believe there are three things that impact our ability to have direction our lives:

  • Our connection to God
  • Our connection to others (People)
  • Our connection to ourselves (You)

The intent for this blog is to create and share resources to encourage a connection with God, others, and yourself so you can find or reconnect with direction. I want you to be redirected as I have been through encouragement, direction, and love.

Please explore each of the featured pages above for content related to each category and connect with me however you’d like!