What Is Out There Without Fear?

One of my absolute favorite songs that talks about fear is from Elenowen called “Flying For The First Time.” It says:

“Can’t put out the fire with my bare hands

Not even I need to understand how

I’m getting there

Said a prayer with broken wings

Hoping to move toward greater things now

And face the fear..

I’m drifting closer toward the skyline

Looking down on my life

Trying to get just one thing right

The second I start second guessing

Let go like a confession

Seeing what I was born to find

Flying for the first time.”

They go on to say:

Led to the open flame

Barely escaped

Now I’ll never be the same

I put out the fire with my bare hands.”

So you can see that discovery happens when you face fears and go with what drives you as a person. Self-discovery changes the world because it changes you. What would change in you if you handheld your fear instead of it holding you? What would you feel like? What could you accomplish? What would you then do or share as a result? I think fear is good, I think it protects us, but we often let it dictate our lives and it isn’t meant for that.

Check out this awesome song here:

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