Let The Child In You Live

I have been reading the book Wild At Heart lately and it talks about what really goes on in a mans heart and mind. It tries to get to the core of who we really are. In summary: men are wild. We need adventure. We need our time to be our own.

I have such an amazing wife. She lets me venture into hobby after hobby, share my dreams with her (and by that I mean things I am actually going to do), and the result of that is this giddy excitement about little things. I have become childlike again. I’m eager, excited, and I love the possibilities each day brings. Lately I have been excited to be awake earlier and just have time to myself. It really is quite cute! I’m in here making special cups of coffee, setting up a little area for me to read or listen to music in, got my little book and pencil. In my heart I am just like the kid who is in a mansion of a couch cushion fort. It’s like a child.

I’m afraid many people have become to think that “childlike” is a bad thing. Like it’s immature and there is no place for that in the adult world. I’m afraid men especially don’t have an outlet for this. They are afraid to share their giddy, half-baked ideas for the fear of showing a weakness. My God, that’s just not true. There’s no place for that NOT to be in the adult world. If we look at the very definition of “childlike,” it says “having or showing the pleasing qualities a child has.” Jesus tells us to enter Heaven we have to become more like children. More like children. This doesn’t mean go back to our unsophisticated root or go back to how we acted before we knew what that hard lesson taught us. No, our hearts won’t let us do that, I’m afraid. But we can revive that life inside us again!

Kids are the closest thing to the image of God we will know. They embrace their adventurous heart, they show excitement about things in full faith, not hindered by doubt and fear. They take on the world in search of themselves and what is out there! It is so inspiring. They need direction with it and they have some hard lessons to learn, but we have to take care of those good qualities and not let them just die.

The great part about being an adult is we have this potential to be kids at heart while also showing the discipline that comes from correction, mistakes, and love. When we grow up, we should see ourselves embracing the full potential of being able to connect with people in all phases of life: children and as adults who may struggle. You know that big person that is so childlike and you all laugh but inside that’s the person we want to be around most.

-How can you be more like that person today?

-How can you be the improved, childlike version of yourself?

-What is hindering you from it?

It starts with you.

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