New Name, Clear Direction

Followers of the blog will notice the name has changed from Trial and Power to reDIRECTED. It is still me and you should still expect to see the same kind of content. I have been seeking a clear direction for the blog since starting it. The meaning of Trial and Power was that you can develop (power) even through learning and painful mistakes. The downfall of that name is that it failed to capture a target audience.

Moving forward, the reDIRECTED blog aims to provide insight, resources, and discussion for those that are developing into themselves through personal, spiritual, and career growth. My heart is to connect with others that have broken pasts but have decided to redirect their lives back to the healthy, fulfilling manner they were intended for. I believe the best step I can take to connecting people back to this is helping to restore their faith, hope, and love in life.

Please see the Kicking Off Me-Cember post for more direction on the blog.

I’m so excited to hear from you.


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