Sell Out for Yourself

Think about a “sellout.” What comes to mind? Is it the literal definition of an event that got sold out? If you’re like me, the first thing that comes to mind is the informal definition found below.

No one likes a sellout, right? A local artist that I follow posted a new song today and I just felt disappointed when I heard bad language in it. It’s not a huge deal, but what is is that he developed a reputation of delivering great messages without that. I felt he compromised his reputation by going that route. I follow people that I look up to because they stay true to who they are. They are original and bold and I am inspired by that.

It did give me a great thought though and that is wondering why some of us are afraid to be who we are? I don’t mean “who we are” in a rebellious sense that we call on to make dishonorable things seem honorable. I mean living out the qualities that are important in our lives. The good things we do when no one is looking. The deeds we do that return nothing but the satisfaction of doing them.
We have an issue here. We all want to be liked so we do whatever will get that for us. At the same time though, people generally don’t like when people do things simply for likes. We like that passion, that authenticity that someone who really loves themselves gives off. Did you know that people absolutely love people that stay true to themselves? People love it so much that we get upset when people do break their own character. They even have a negative name: sellout. I think people ultimately mean good by calling someone that. They just wish the person would have stayed true to who that person thought they were, and they are normally willing to give allowance here and there for some faults because of their respect for you.
Remember this moving forward! Even if people don’t realize the depth of that thought process, it is more desirable for you to be you than it is to become like everyone else. Don’t be afraid of being you, even when pressure to conform comes.

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