Using Your Power

Part of our purpose in life is connecting with other people. Some of us do that by being funny, others by being understanding, others because we have experiences that allow us to feel what others feel. This opens the door for some of the most deep and meaningful connections possible because of trust.

This verse is overused in church settings because there are always two or more people together, but what if there was more power in not just getting together, but intentionally connecting with those “two or three” using the experiences we have as a way to show love to others. When someone feels your trust, they start sharing things into the light. This brings healing and keeps this love moving forward.

This all sounds very inspirational but none of it can happen without loving yourself first. That means embracing your failures and seeing them as investments in the tools only you have to connect with. Your story and understanding is just what someone needs to move forward and live a better life. It is time to stop carrying your shame and exchange it for this power you have been given. What have you buried that you could actually make use of?

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