Choosing Freedom

I saw a post earlier on social media that asked God for forgiveness because of their sins and proclaimed they would go on sinning. It had a really dark feel to it. It was hopeless. Like they would never be able to do anything other than sin and ask forgiveness. It is the equivalent of being a in a pot with a lid on it. You’re stuck in that pot and the only time those around you can feel who you are and experience what God taught you is that brief moment you ask Him for forgiveness and the lid comes off. People can start to sense who you are but then if you go on without fighting the sin, the lid just goes right back on. You are never going far if your lid comes off for just a moment. So why keep putting it on?God has the power to forgive us because of our faith in who He is and what He is. We believe He rewards us for wanting to change and that is why it feels refreshing in our spirit to confess things in spirit to Him or to those around us. This is true. This is how forgiveness works. We believe it is healing, and it is. This takes our lid off, so we should not constantly put that lid back on. God is a producer, a creator, a distributor. He desires fruit. His sowing of forgiveness into you creates fruit so that you can sow into another. He doesn’t take your lid off for a moment simply to waft who you are in the air for no reason. There is a deeper purpose for His forgiveness, one that you are part of it.When you choose to fight sin, you get further from it and closer to God. The entire 6th chapter of Romans talks about how the power of sin was broken. Verse 16 tells us that we have a choice. We can choose to be a slave to sin, which limits us to personal gain only, or we can choose to obey God, which is being productive and fruitful in the world. This also lines up with Jesus teaching in Matthew 6:24 that says you cannot serve two things at once. You are free now. Romans 6:14 says “sin is no longer your master because you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God’s grace.” When we taste this freedom you naturally find yourself sharing with others, making a difference in the world. So why are you limiting yourself to sin? Is it because you feel like whatever you have done permanently separates you from serving any meaningful purpose? Is it because you believe “good” just isn’t for you? It is because you believe you were born into disadvantage? That may be true for you, but it also true for millions of people who need to hear your lessons and see you carrying on in life. Allow yourself to experience the forgiveness. Soak in it, take from it, but then give out of it. You can’t do that unless you keep that lid off.

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