Belief Is Necessary

I am a questioner. I test everything I see or hear. It isn’t a bad thing and scripture even says we should do this (1 Thessalonians 5:21, 1 John 4:1), but sometimes this questioning leaves me feeling unsure about things. I get stuck on things because I cannot test them accurately. This isn’t an easy place to stay and if you’ve experienced it, you know it starts to deteriorate your faith and hope in life.

There are so many theories about life and why people are the way they are, what makes people do this or that, and so on. One of my favorite theories is Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory. It is the theory that says no one is just “dumb” and that we all have a different area of intelligence. Some people may be spatially intelligent, others intrapersonal, and so on. I have written about it before here and it looks like this:

But what do we do with this? It’s great information and makes me feel hopeful and interested momentarily..but if I can’t test it and make it fit in some perfect, unquestionable box, I can’t logically claim it is true. What about God? I can’t see Him, but when I think about His design and the words, characters, teachings, and stories in the Bible, I feel inspired all over again. What do I do with that, too? Is He true? The same scriptures that helped me be wise have now become my Achilles heel because I’m trying to apply it to everything in life.

There has to be balance and that balance is faith. We have to make the choice to believe in something. Without belief we stay put. We cannot waste our life chasing perfect accuracy in every topic that comes. That’s what the journey of life is about. Faith will take you here and there but all along the way you will be obtaining real life experience. That experience will be the true testing that brings accuracy and satisfaction. Test things to an extent but make sure you are not stuck doing so.

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