From Me-Cember to Jan-you-ary

The month of December focused on looking at yourself as good. You read about intentionally seeking good in and for yourself, how to invest in yourself, how to keep driving when things may get tough, and that you have something great to offer the world. We also read about how a healthy view of ourselves is connected to a healthy view of others and a big part of our purpose as people is to connect with others. (Matthew 22:39) I truly hope you have a more positive view of yourself and are going into the new year ready to apply that.

In January, posts will use this new or sharpened view of yourself to reposition a positive view of others. The main thing I hope to see out of Jan-you-ary is to restore your faith, hope, and love in others and even heal some broken relationships and/or hearts. Viewing others in a healthy way will also take us deeper into our own personal healing.

Happy New Year! Here’s to seeing “you” better.

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