Rethinking How to Recharge

As we enter into this much needed long weekend, I found myself wondering what I wanted to do to recharge. Oddly enough, all my initial methods of recharging included various forms of laziness or gluttony. What movie did I want to watch? What special food to eat? Should I have a drink I don’t normally have? I have found that I am often disappointed in the last few hours of extended time away from work. I’ll tell my wife I feel like I wasted my time or I didn’t make the most of it. Where do you stand at 10PM the night before everything goes back to normal?

While it is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to motivate and reward yourself, I hope to shine a new light on the opportunity this long weekend truly presents.

This weekend, remember what makes you feel most alive. We are made to be genuinely rejuvenated by exercising our curiosity, adventure, and love. If we do nothing but splurge on laziness and food or retail, we let ourselves down by not connecting with what we really desire in our heart.


To exercise curiosity, learn something new: read a new book, listen intently to someone’s perspective, listen to a new playlist, or play a new game, to name a few ways. These are all great ways to connect with people and learn new ways of thinking to expand your own.


Get outside! Go to that random hiking trail you’ve talked about for months. Go see that waterfall or that city. Take your family with you. If you’re not into that, go to a new restaurant or meet someone new. These are wonderful ways to feel refreshed by changing your surroundings. Even for just a little while will make you feel new.


We can love in so many ways, but the way I encourage you to exercise this is through giving. Go to that birthday party, pull your family together for a cookout, do something thoughtful for your wife and kids. Galatians 6:8 tells us that if we sow only to satisfy ourselves we will tear ourselves down, but if we sow to satisfy the spirit, we reap eternal life. AKA, we will be recharged. Thinking of others before yourself is of love and love is of the spirit. You won’t feel like you wasted a moment of your giving.

I hope you seek and do at least one of the many ways you can reward yourself while truly feeling recharged this weekend. I would love to hear more ways you feel make the most of time away from work.

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