Church hurts sometimes

Church hurts sometimes

Church hurts sometimes
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In light of the holiday season, where families come together, sometimes only this time of year, I wanted to share this wonderful article. Though it is geared toward a painful church experience, the root cause of the pain was caused by church members considered to be family. It served as a reminder and refresher to me in 3 ways:

1. We all have opportunities to forgive in one (or all) of three ways: Ourselves for whatever it is we think we did to deserve something, Others for misunderstanding or hurting us, and God for not meeting an emotional need. In truth, when we are mad at God, we are in essence turning that frustration back toward ourselves because we misinterpreted our purpose and place.

2. God is still good, no matter what.

3. You have a place and a purpose in your family. You are needed in it. You are a vital part of making it go. Misunderstandings and break downs happen, but they can’t change your acceptance of purpose in your family. No, only we can do that.

Thank you to The Whittled Trees (Whitney and Mytra) for sharing!

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