To The Woman That I Love

To the woman that I love:

You mean so much to me;

More than words could ever speak.

I’ve seen something new in you this week,

And felt the truth that I am weak.

There are places in me only you can meet.

Things I have shared have felt unfair.

but I have tossed my heart into the air,

and you have handled it with care.

I hate that I have ever taken you for granted

Or left you alone and short-handed.

I had holes I was scared you’d leave stranded

without knowing you could reprimand them.

Of all the things I have tested,

Only your love has left me standing.

I see now my deepest need

is to know that you will not leave.

I see the value in you and in me,

and I long for you to want me.

I am the best me and live my best life

with you at my side and you as my wife.

I have sought security, but found it inside;

As there is nothing my love for you would not abide.

So whether perfect or rough,

I need you to know,

You are the woman that I love.

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