I Gotta Quit Biting My Lips

I have this chronic habit of biting my lips. Maybe it’s a nervous habit, or maybe it’s just that there is always a flake of dry skin I just can’t resist peeling off. Once I peel that one off, a new one always seems to call attention to itself and the habit is constantly fueled. Once I realize I’ve shredded my lips entirely, I become conscious and put a thick layer of Aquaphor on. About an hour later though, without fail, I’m nibbling again.

Isn’t this just like worry? We subconsciously go about our day with this worry and that worry and then when we finally recognize we feel disturbed, we wonder why, then we put a band aid on the worry and go about our day. Until we change the habit of worrying, we may always walk around on pins and needles.

I’m making an intentional decision right now, today, that I’m not going to be a worrier. I’ve identified with that my whole life. “Hi, I’m Kyle. I’m a worrier.” But I don’t actually want to identify with that. I don’t want to be that person. Sure, I have a natural tendency to worry, but I don’t like the outcome of worrying. I don’t like how I feel when I worry constantly. If I love myself, why would I go on accepting something I don’t actually like? This is something I can change! And I’m going to do it. Because I can do that. You can do that!

I felt God speak to me today that m lips are always cracked because I won’t stop biting them. He didn’t have to tell me that part. I already knew my lips were bad. (I think of Glozell’s comment about these “crusty crusts I got!”) When God speaks He tells us something new and meets us where we are. I had cracked lips, and the same reason I have cracked lips is the same reason I’m anxious. I just won’t stop doing something. I’m so thankful He gave me this connection today because every time I start to worry about something He has put a new connection in my mind that “I’m not biting my lips.” And I know that there is healing in changing the pattern.

Whatever you want to change in yourself, you have the power to do it. It’s in your will! You just gotta quit biting your lips.

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