REVELation: Music Discovery

REVELation is a play on words. To revel is to enjoy yourself in a lively, possibly loud way. Doesn’t that sound so freeing? Revelation is a surprising or previously unknown, often divine disclosure relating to human existence.

Music certainly has the power to do both of those things. One of my favorite things to write about is lyrical interpretation and application, especially from unknown artists. Not to say that well known artists are incapable of sharing a meaningful message, but the lesser known artists are usually unhindered by sales so you get their purest intent.

I believe music has an incredible power to make us feel understood, connected, and part of something, to help us see ourselves how others might see us, both good and bad, and, as a result, inspire us for inner growth.

When you see posts categorized with this, you will hopefully find a new artist or song that you love. Please follow and support those artists as you find them. You will also, hopefully, find a new perspective on yourself or other people that provoke you for change. I encourage you to share your comments and personal interpretation so we can have a discussion about these songs. Connection is what this is all about.

Author: Kyle Blevins

I am a husband and dad to three boys. I am in operational leadership for one of the major insurance carriers where I enjoy improving processes and coaching people. My other passion is in writing. I love when people reach out to tell me how something I have shared has helped them. I hope to hear from you in some way, too.

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