What is “redirected”?

Have you ever entered a website and saw a message about being redirected? There are quite a few technical uses for a redirect, but one of the most common reasons is that a website changes in some format. Rather than changing a potentially well-known URL and losing traffic, it just routes the traffic from the old link to the new one automatically. The original destination has changed.

In our lives, we experience our own version of redirects, hopefully constantly. If we are experiencing redirects often, that means we are constantly learning, adapting, changing, and/or developing, just as we were made to. We change when we learn something new, when there is new purpose.

This site aims to share content that challenges our perspective. I have found that less formal routes of storytelling, relevant messages, and the interpretation of expression, specifically through music, has influenced me deeply. I want to see the world feel better. I want to help people feel better about themselves, about the people around them (or not), and about God. I truly believe that this is the key to true personal development.

As people grow in these areas, they become better sons and daughters, better brothers and sisters, better fathers and mothers, better employees, better leaders, and better people. You will find four main categories on this site:

  • Personal Development-This includes content that helps you improve your own sense of worth, purpose, or value. Part of this is having a healthy view of other people as well as spiritual growth.

Note: I do not consider spiritual development separate from personal development, so you will notice the content in this category intertwine. Feel free to be selective in your reading as you wish.

  • REVELation (Music Interpretation)-I enjoy sharing underground music and diving into what they could possibly mean to share through their songs. I believe it helps us broaden our perspective. There is a featured post on the home page that describes this further if you are interested in reading that.
  • Family Life-As a husband of 10 years and a dad to three sons, I have a need to share things I am going through, things I am learning, and things I feel you should know about marriage and parenting.
  • Leadership-I have a degree in business and truly enjoy organizational leadership. I like sharing things I have learned in my corporate experience that work really well, as well as things that need to change.

On the home page you will see featured posts that speak in more detail about the inspiration for each category. You will also see all my posts under those featured ones in the order they were posted. This includes all of my content, but you will notice the categories on each of them. If you would like to read only content in one category, you can do so through the Menu. You can also search the site for keywords at the bottom of the page.

I have been heavily influenced by the character of Jesus. I guess that makes me a “Christian”. You will see this theme constantly on this site by my guests and I. Thank you so much for visiting! I truly hope that something here helps you in some way, and I hope for the chance to meet you. You are loved.

Author: Kyle Blevins

I am a husband and dad to three boys. I am in operational leadership for one of the major insurance carriers where I enjoy improving processes and coaching people. My other passion is in writing. I love when people reach out to tell me how something I have shared has helped them. I hope to hear from you in some way, too.

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