The Nervous Boy Named “D”

There once was a boy and his favorite people called him “D”.

He always seemed nervous, ever since he was three.

It was never quite comfortable without mommy and daddy.

D always had a belonging of theirs to act as a caddy.

When school time began he became quite needy.

He didn’t talk quite as much or play quite as freely.

To be home and not alone is what he longed for discreetly.

He’d make a phone call each day right at 11:30,

and always seemed to rush around in a hurry,

Trying to catch mommy on the phone before she had to scurry.

D, sweet D, whatever makes you worry?

It seemed he was different around Andrew and Chris,

and a lady named Katie helped him like this..

She walked him to class and patted his back,

And held his hand until she needed hers back.

This went on for years until D grew quite large.

He got rather handsome and felt right in charge.

The nervousness stopped and grateful he grew,

For what he learned to manage was hard to get through.

But he did it with help, he did it through asking.

He did it by learning, he did it by unmasking.

You see, “D” stands for daddy and that boy is me.

There is much more to you than being nervous, you see?

Your nervousness makes you smarter, more aware, and more gentle.

You are one spirit plus one body more than just mental.

You are kind, intelligent, creative, and capable.

Your gentleness is needed, and in this world is quite palpable.

So keep asking your questions. Keep asking for help.

Keep seeking, keep knocking, says the Good Book on my shelf.

Find the right people, you know the ones.

We all need some help. All daughters and sons.

Walk with your nervousness, walk it right to the door.

Once you arrive, you’ll see that you need it no more.

I can hardly wait to see your heart awaken to all that’s in store.

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