How To Keep Driving

This week has been so fun really kicking the blog off and being Christmas time, but we all know there is an enemy who doesn’t want us at peace. I’ve had more stuff break around my house, more unexpected payments to make, and more disappointment in what I am able to give this season all year in this week alone.

How many times in your life do you think “man I’m feelin’ great! Everything is under control..” then BOOM, nothing is under control? We all face this. It seems like without question when something good happens, something bad comes close behind. There is good news though.

2 Timothy 1:7 tells us “God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” I know most of you have heard this scripture but this is how it applies in real life when it comes to choosing the right spirit..When these bad things come, and they will come (always), we have a decision to make. We either tuck our tails and run and sob, or we dig our toes in the ground and get an extra jump to keep on running. When we choose this, we are declaring that nothing will stop us from doing good.Here is the beautiful thing about choosing the spirit God gave you of power, love, and self-discipline: nothing can stop you. When you realize that what makes you “go” is not the money, it’s not the popularity, it’s not the fear of what you will lose, then you are taking the power away from those things and putting it back in yourself. Those things can be taken away from you at any moment, but if you have a spirit that won’t quit, you have nothing to fear because that spirit is the tool that will always keep producing in your life. No matter what comes.

Using Your Power

Part of our purpose in life is connecting with other people. Some of us do that by being funny, others by being understanding, others because we have experiences that allow us to feel what others feel. This opens the door for some of the most deep and meaningful connections possible because of trust.

This verse is overused in church settings because there are always two or more people together, but what if there was more power in not just getting together, but intentionally connecting with those “two or three” using the experiences we have as a way to show love to others. When someone feels your trust, they start sharing things into the light. This brings healing and keeps this love moving forward.

This all sounds very inspirational but none of it can happen without loving yourself first. That means embracing your failures and seeing them as investments in the tools only you have to connect with. Your story and understanding is just what someone needs to move forward and live a better life. It is time to stop carrying your shame and exchange it for this power you have been given. What have you buried that you could actually make use of?

See Yourself As Good

The way you view yourself is so important. It changes you view others, how you treat others, what you strive for, hoe fast you quit.

This will be the first post to get you thinking about how you currently view yourself. My hope is that that view, if unhealthy, starts to break down and the rest of the month builds on your new foundation. It’s totally fine if that foundation is absolutely nothing. We can rebuild together.